We work with clients from Bulgaria and abroad and we do our best to ensure fast, easy to follow ways for ordering and payment.

Translation Agency “Des Pol” offers quality translations from and to:

- Polish;

- Russian;

- Czech;

- French;

- Romanian;

- German;

- Hungarian;

- English;

- Arabic;


- translation of legal, financial, medical, accounting, construction or technical documentation, as well as exploitation and maintenance instructions, translation of business and personal correspondence and more.

We respect the original formatting – i.e. with preservation of tables, graphs, etc.


- Interpreting during court hearings;

- Interpreting for private individuals as well as during delegations;

- Interpreting during conferences, seminars and other such events;

- Interpreting of telephone negotiations;

- Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting during legal transactions and authentication or signing of documents in front of a notary.

You may also acquire competent information about the necessary documentation for your particular needs. To foreign citizens we offer consultation and assistance with tender documentation, company registration and establishment in Bulgaria: Sole Proprietorship (ЕТ), Joint-stock Company (АД), Private Limited Company (ООД), State-owned Company (ЕООД). We can help with the process of purchasing or renting real estate, as well as with the search for tourist destinations for your and your family’s holiday in Bulgaria.